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Cancun Cruises
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Cruises to Cancun Mexico

Written by Julie Greiner
Cruise to fun in the sun in the Caribbean. Cancun used to be a cozy little quiet fishing village on the Yucatan Peninsular which has now grown into one of Mexico’s most popular Caribbean vacation destinations. Miles of beautiful white sand surrounded by turquoise blue waters by day followed by
a lively nightlife. A favorite of the cruise passengers is a shore excursion to ancient Mayan ruins or to the 250-acre preserve Xcaret Nature Park where one can swim in the underground rivers. The native language is Spanish and currency used is Peso. The yearly temperature ranges from 70 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. Cruise ships bound for Cancun usually call at Calica, the nearest port. Calica is considered the newest gateway to the Yucatan Peninsula and is located just three miles south of Playa del Carmen and right
Cancun Pyramid
next door to the incredible Xcaret Nature Park.

Western Caribbean Cruises

Carnival Cruise Line offer a number of cruises to the Western Caribbean originating from Mobile, Alabama. There is a 5 day Western Caribbean cruise starting in Mobile, Alabama and making stops of call in Cozumel and Calica. Carnival offers a 5 day Wedding special cruise stopping in Calica and Cozumel. You may plan your wedding or honeymoon right on the ship,
with the assistance of a professional event and banquet staff. Carnival also offers a 4 day Western Caribbean cruise from Mobile, Alabama which goes to Calica.

Cruise Amenities of Western Caribbean Cruises

The Carnival Elation cruise ship travels the Caribbean and offers a luxury cruise experience only available by Carnival Cruises. The Elation was built in 1997, weighs 70,367 tonage, supports 10 decks and holds a crew of 920 and 2,040 passengers. The Elation is a self contained city, sporting swimming pools, boutique shops and gourmet dining on steaks and lobsters or
Cancun Lighthouse
casual dining on the LIdo deck. Stroll from nightclub to show lounge enjoying Carnival’s nightlife. There is a piano bar, rock jazz, classical and karaoke entertainment. Carnival offers slots, blackjack, roulette, craps and some of the largest casinos at sea.

Nightlife Cruise Amenities

The Elation is considered the "Fun Ship" and offers nightly "Vegas-Style" shows including comedians and name entertainers. Carnival Elation also offers a complete range of relaxing spa treatments and a modern fully equipped health club. Relax and enjoy the warm
Cancun Tiki Hut
Caribbean sun and soak in the whole luxurious and pampered experience of a cruise on the Elation. The Elation will take you to glamourous ports while you are enjoying a spectacular floating resort.
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